“We specialise in providing luxury apartments and villas to our growing number of clients. Our clients include those who want to escape the noise and chaos of city life, people yearning for that perfect second home, yoga practitioners, spiritual aspirants, and clients who just want to make a sound investment.”

Harek Ventures

Harek as the name might suggest to some is about everything and everyone. Over the last decade we have worked towards creating businesses that we are passionate about. Our energy and enthusiasm coupled with our expertise has enabled us to succeed against all odds and in uncharted territories.

Niravana on Highway Restaurant

Nirvana On The Highway is one of the best restaurant on highway near Jollygrant airport dehradun. Enjoy the meal on our table with family and friends with perfect ambiance of peace inside nirvana. We are restaurant in Dehradun near jolly grant airport, Best on highway restaurant, restaurant in Bhaniyawala.

Nirvana on the highway restaurant with home delivery available near to the area.


Innovation is on the national agenda and startups have gained a lot of momentum in India. The startup culture has been a matter of interest since last few years in the metros.

Jumpstart realises that Dehradun and other tiers II-III cities are inhabited by a lot of talented individuals having innovative and original ideas, but no ecosystem to take their ideas forward into viable business propositions. Only the daring ones moved to cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai or Delhi-NCR while the dreams of the rest eventually died down.