Happiness is Success, Fame is Personality, Life is Process.

If you are a follower of world politics, you will understand that the current world scenario is very sentiment driven. The world is moving ahead and is ready to take hard decisions to make aggressive changes for the betterment of society.

Now to relate it all with the basic life routine of every individual, all decisions made are in line for a better future wherein the expectation of being happy at the end of it all is paramount. If your goal is to be successful and attain fame, the routine that is followed takes up more than 70 percent of your active day period leading to very less percentage of time for your own self.

My idea is to give you all a clear goal wherein we all end up creating a perfect balance in life and live in the present more.

The activities we plan will help you explore that true happiness lies in being satisfied with what you have and we shall guide to take specific steps to maximize your potential at work by balancing your personal life problems.

I am Harshit Malik, a successful entrepreneur and a visionary.

MENTORING: Mentorship programs through our wide network of highly qualified domain-knowledge experts in various fields.

GROOMING: In-depth legal and financial knowhow through our vetted list of service providers on various aspects of business like creating a Business Plan, Company Creation, HR, Design, Accounting, Intellectual Property, Business Development, Digital Marketing, etc.

CONNECT & COLLABORATE: Opportunities to connect and collaborate with like-minded people. You might find your co-founder or a prospective investor or a client three desks away.

COMMUNITY: Grow your professional network through Knowledge & Networking focused events & workshops and fireside chats with Industry Leaders, Successful Entrepreneur & Venture Capital’s.

I was all geared up for this exciting event that was organized in Bali. The idea of the event was to bring together people of similar mindset and ones pursuing the entrepreneurial dream. The location and concept were beautifully planned but they somewhere lost it in the execution part. Nevertheless, the people who turned up were all gem.

I left for Bali with my family and was among three Indians who qualified for the event and I must say the welcome we received at the hotel was amazing and very heartfelt. The event lasted for a good 7 days and each day taught me something new. It was fascinating to know that business owners around the globe share similar problems that are rooted deep in the family structure and the environment.

During those 7 days, I got the opportunity to interact with people from various culture and also had a privilege to speak at the conference wherein I spoke about my life experience and problems I encountered in my younger days. At the end of the conference, I realized that people are investing their energies to build a world of their own whose center is the work-family that they have created. They all have managed to attain a luxurious life but they all are missing the happiness quotient. It gave me a lot of confidence when I was successful in understanding their problems and being able to offer some realistic solutions.