What Value Addition are We bringing to the Society
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Every individual is gifted or endowed with certain significant qualities, each unique in its own way. It is important to trace it early in life so that it gets proper attention and the required polishing.
The ultimate goal is to achieve happiness and satisfaction from the work that they are doing. Of course money is necessary but still is not a priority Any such unique quality / x factor leads to generation of an idea or a source
of income.an idea is more like a team work wherein different minds come in together and give shape to the well thought idea. It requires a lot of research and team spirit.
At times as and when the idea is nurtured or is growing , it can be replanned,rephrased or even restructured keeping the core idea untouched. The more one brainstorms, the better the outcome would be. Not to forget ,time
management plays a very important role amidst all of this . It’s important to set a goal with a timeline as few ideas become irrelevant/obsolete after a certain timespan.
Eventually our ultimate goal in life should be to understand, what value addition are we bringing to the society by our existence and our work. It’s not important to have big ideas or enough capital to invest. It’s more important
that our thoughts get cultivated and delivered to our desired audience in the way we imagined. The tools used to deliver it should be correct and meaningful. An idea is like our baby which needs to be nurtured in the right
direction and updated or upgraded as per the need of the hour. Ultimately your unique factor cultivated into an idea would give you success,
and wealth follows.

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