Mighty Feathers of Young Birds – A Tale of Inspiration
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Don’t we all know that nothing on this earth is impossible for a determined mind and dedicated soul? In fact, we belong to a race that has always believed that we can even find GOD with right efforts. Recent news that ran all over the print and electronic media and social handles even made me REFLECT AND RETHINK the general approach towards a business start-up and talent search. Three students of 10th Standard were funded Rs 3 Crore for their ‘Business IDEA’ they presented in a school Entrepreneurship Fest. They introduced flavoured water without any preservatives. And like all the other ‘GREAT’ ideas that changed the world, it was rejected and they were out of the race in the very first round.

But was that it?? NO…!! Soon they saw an order of 150 flavoured water bottles which they were more than happy to supply. At just the age when the scholars confine themselves to their rooms solving questions, playing games, reflecting on their changing personalities and dealing with the stress of adolescence, these three were filing patents and getting licenses, approvals and permissions from the food and health department and FSSAI. Being a minor didn’t stop them as their parents helped them in completing all the legal formalities.

The project that was rejected at a school was showcased at entrepreneurship competitions at IIT Kanpur and IIM Indore; where they were applauded. Another Private College Malviya National Institute of Technology helped them in filing the patent and decided to incubate their idea. Chetanya Golecha, Mrigank Gujjar and Utsav Jain – founded the firm Infused Beverages and have sold more than 8000 bottles of flavoured water (Kewra Rose and Bel) by January 2017. They all reside and study in Jaipur, Neerja Modi School.

This and lots of other examples have become one of the driving forces behind the DAN – Dehradun Angels Network. Talent has no fixed domain and it has no preference for a person of particular age group, educated at some star institution; it doesn’t discriminate between minor and adult; talent and instinct for business doesn’t require you to be from a certain modern and technologically advanced geographical location as well – But YES, the availability of RIGHT help, at RIGHT time and in RIGHT amount can surely determine its thriving and growth. The incident has given me yet another big reason to make DAN as efficient as possible and keep replicating the same for every nook and corner of the nation to dig-out the world changing faces and help them in their endeavours.

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