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When your start-up is in need of a PUSH that can help in its take-off; every single second comes and goes with a silent prayer to Almighty; “God..I really hope the investor says yes’, ‘I hope I was convincing enough’ and what not..!! Though the importance of talent and hard work can never be undermined, but the monetary input arbitrates the growth, expansion and scaling of every start-up in a crucial manner.

Success stories of various start-ups which were being doubted upon in the early stages, current trends in the economy that show an inclination of the youth in GENERATING jobs instead of DOING them; a career shift in the whole world; availability of upfront easily available and smart technology; tendency to invest money intelligently and the predictions of market specialists regarding the bright future of start-ups – all of them have led to the generation and growth of a novel species of investors named as ANGEL INVESTORS. They invest money in a start-up idea that is in search of it.

In a country like ours, where the majority of start-ups are located in the Metropolitan cities and the ideas budding in the talented minds living in small cities generally remain as ideas only; it is really hard to find Angel Investors. Dehradun is one of those small cities that are teeming with talented and brilliant minds with astonishing potential. If the potential is properly tapped, nurtured and given wings to explore the wide expanse of knowledge, I am convinced that the city will generate a hoard of entrepreneurs that are not roaming with just ideas in their heads, but with ideas changing the face of employment and technological development in Dehradun.

Another reason that Dehradun is the place that concerns me right now is the fact that despite of being the number one education provider since the British Era, its technological and holistic growth is somewhat stunted. Launching of DAN (Dehradun Angels Network) will be a crucial and detrimental chapter in the history of the place with far-reaching effects on its role in Indian Economy.

Hence, the current task on my mind is to create a proficient and coherent network of Angel Investors in Dehradun – DAN i.e. Dehradun Angels Network. DAN will open new avenues in the city; not only for the entrepreneurs but also for paving a way for technological advancements. DAN is my brainchild that will surely transform the school city into a technology and Start-up hub of the years yet to come.

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