Contribution to the Society


When you strive for success, success strives for you. Harshit Malik’smantra about success was always easy and clear. While striving success, he made his mark in the Real estate sector in the Uttarakhand region by introducing path breaking concepts in the industry. He being the Uttarakhand region’s first adaptor of the digital marketing strategiescreated significant businesses opportunities in the industries like Hospitality, Trading, Real Estate and Business Advisory Services in India, UK and the Middle East.

Motivations is what you need to fight and survive and the same is required to achieve growth and upliftment of self and the society. Motivated by his initial success and achievements, Harshit studied about various trends and patterns of Businesses across the globe and came back with the vision of bringing the new age best practices to his home region. The idea was to leverage global best practices to provide a platform for the talented and ambitious entrepreneurs so that they could achieve their dreams with the help of global experts, investors and latest technology.

Provide them support and see a smile on their face, give them the resources and see your society getting better. Being an entrepreneur he understood what all an entrepreneur needs and he being rooted in the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, gave birth to Dehradun Angel Network (DAN). Currently, he is the founder convenor of the Dehradun Angel Network.