Life rules are taught to us throughout our lives. There are rules everywhere but don’t get me wrong, it is a good thing. Sometimes it can feel like we are constrained by so many rules that we just feel like bursting free of them. Thus, in order to succeed we might need to break just a few of those rules.

If we are keen on updating our mobiles every now and then, then why cannot we upgrade our mindset? Why old methods and culture are still followed by us which are not even applicable in today’s time.

We had been trained blindly to follow our culture without even considering the logic behind it. We have got one chance why no live it to full. Always thinking of what all society will say, has been a major reason that we don’t do anything out of the box. One should create his or her own space.

I believe, it is not necessary to follow what our ancestors followed years back. Human mind is a growing system and we need to upgrade it constantly.
So here are some tips that might just help you get started on the path to being a rule breaker.
Most of us have a dream. Some are small while others are big. So, what is it that stops us – fear of failure, fear of the unknown or just because it’s not something we do?
Well sometimes taking a risk is exactly what we need. We should challenge ourselves and push our own boundaries. By taking risks we learn new things, we develop new coping strategies. And even when we get it wrong, it becomes a lesson for us to remember for future. It helps us evolve as individuals.
So even if you give up your job to become a singer and never make it to any singing audition, at least you tried, and you never know what else is in store for you.
Planning is an essential part of one’s life and makes our life easier. This does not imply that we cannot be spontaneous. This helps brighten up life.
Living a monotonous routine life can drain us out of our creativity. Thus, being spontaneous can give us a much-needed boost in both energy and mood.
We as children are taught the virtue of sharing. And thus, when we make decisions based on self-interest we can end up feeling guilty.
Saying “no” can become difficult as we continue to put others first. We end up saying “yes” just to please others but in the long run. Thus, we end up feeling resentful and tired of being there for everyone else.

So being a little selfish at times can actually be good for you. Next time someone asks you to do something you are not so keen on ask yourself a few questions: Do I really want to do this? What will I get out of it? What will happen if I say no?
Remember you cannot please everyone all of the time.
If you want to succeed you have to push yourself. It doesn’t just happen to us. It takes hard work and energy as well as self-belief. But for some people, self-belief is mistaken for arrogance or aggression. Like selfishness, these are attributes that are frowned upon in society and as children we are taught to be more humble. But to get ahead, especially in the workplace, we need to have multiple skills and we do often need to be seen as go getters.
Pushing ahead can show that we believe in what we are doing.

To conclude, I will say that boundaries are set by those whom we don’t even know. What is a point in following people whom we don’t know. We, living in a new modern era can open our boundaries and set our own principle and rules. We can live with humanity and not just RULES made by others!

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