Being an ardent dreamer and a passionate achiever, Harshit Malik always wishes to make this world a better place for living. He hails from Uttarakhand and is committed to his hard work, leaving no stone unturned to fulfil the desires of the people of his native place. His encouraging thoughts brings positivity in every task which he takes on, in order to achieve the best output.

He chose to be a leader instead of being a boss and believes in working with his employees instead of ordering them. After all, an awesome leader makes the workplace better which in turn bring out the best output.

His philosophy is to work with people and for the people and this makes him more enthusiastic and positive minded. To his family and colleagues, he is a role model and he always makes sure that he maintains his place in everyone’s heart.

He thinks less about his past achievements and dreams more about using all his efforts for making a better tomorrow. Being a successful entrepreneur and a marvellous strategist, he made sure that he works inalmost every industry to bring an overall development to the society.

According to him “Challenges are recurring and a human being has the strength to take up any risk. If he does take the risk, he has cent percent chances to win. But if he doesn’t, no one can stop him being a looser.”