In-spite of being in the headlines for over two years, not many people know what the initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ‘Make-in-India’ stands to cover. To put it in simper terms, the ‘Make-in-India’ program was kick started to boost manufacturing in India. This initiative not only attracts International companies but the domestic ones too to develop and surge the production within India.  Innovation, invention, initiatives and encouraging skill development are some of the aims of the program. This property will showcase to the world that India is not just a Global Manufacturing Hub, but a country that is utilizing its natural talents, natural resources, rich culture heritage to its best.

Most of us need to understand that Mr. Modi is a moderator who has given us an opportunity to change our dynamics. If at this right time we set out to cover the gaps in demand of goods in India in terms of domestic production, then there are funds overseas which with prior approval of FDI can be generated easily.  With the relaxation of banking norms, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and growth of the GDP, one can forecast global growth. India has an implausible potential to rise as a fiscal power with a flourishing future.

The vision that the Prime Minister had, I believe is already setting itself in shape. Today we can say that the response has been phenomenal. Many electronic companies shave already set shop in India. Investments have already started to pour in.  Railway and aviation companies have all signed agreements to set up their base here. Food processing, tourism, wellness are some new areas which have an intense market in India now. Smart phone companies have begun their manufacturing process already. Foreign hardware companies are coming up with solutions for technical and engineering support for the domestic ones. There is economic and social progress. India is a virgin market for enormous products, and that need is to be identified and processed under the banner of ‘Make-in-India’.

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