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The very word ‘Angel’, solely signifies a messenger of God, bearing hope and happiness.  An Investor on the other hand is someone who entrusts us with his money in lieu of some future financial return. On fusing the two, I deduced that an Angel Investor is a business angel who supports our dreams as much as we do, thus, they are our Guarding Angels!

These guarding angels as I fondly call them are highly professional and extreme risk bearers. They require huge return on investment owing to which, not many people prefer practicing the same.  BUT, what if I tell you it’s all about ones mindset! The concept of Angel funding is very recent in India, therefore it comes with a lot of barriers and myths.

Often people believe that only those with abundant wealth can become an angel investor. There is no “set amount” for angel investors, and the range can go anywhere from a few thousand, to a few million. Well Warren Buffet, became an investor at an early age of 11, which according to him was pretty late.  If you have been gifted with enough wealth to help someone build their dreams then go ahead, just do it!  Not every time can profit be a motive.

It is always favorable to invest in projects or ideas that you believe in.  If you have always wished on becoming a prolific artist but couldn’t do so due to financial or time constraints, commitment to existing work, no help or support, well now is the time then to aid someone with a similar desire by investing a suitable stake. Yet again, you will lose some and win some.

Angel funding is very interesting, read about the concept, the people who have done it and where they stand, but at same time learn from their mistakes too. So don’t think much, if you have the resources, then angel funding is a place where you can help someone prove themselves.

Personally I have done it and yes, I too have born losses. Lost money but not hope. The satisfaction and happiness kept me going, as for me it was never about profits.
Visualize the Big Picture, share the vision with equal passion and become some ones Guarding Angel!

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